Hello and welcome to my photography blog.  I’m so glad you’re here!

First blog posts are always difficult to write because I never know what to say, but I’m excited to be sharing my work with you.  I guess I’ll start with an introduction.


My name is Rebekah and I’ve been married to Daniel for 10 years!  We have three precious children – Patrick, Erin and Cammon.


Although I’ve had an interest in photography for several years, I lacked one important piece of equipment – a camera.  In the Lord’s providence, my journey as a photographer began during the summer of 2015 when I was unexpectedly blessed by the gift of a well-loved, hand-me-down DSLR.  The camera was 10 years out of the box and definitely showed signs of wear and tear, but I was thrilled.

Undeniably, I was extremely inept at using such a fancy camera – I knew nothing about photography or using a DSLR.  But, I enjoyed the challenge of slowly learning the basics. Initially, I kept the camera in AUTO mode; manual mode can seem alarmingly scary at first.  As time passed and I was frequently snapping shots throughout most days, I grew more comfortable with my camera and eventually I decided to take the plunge and start using manual mode.  The learning curve was steep, but it was worth the effort.

As my skills started to improve, my love of photography increased. Beauty is all around us and as a photographer striving to hone and refine my skills, I’m continuously looking for opportunities to capture the moment.




My husband gave me a new DSLR for Christmas 2015 and I have been so thankful for the opportunities it has provided.  My new camera has further enabled me to capture everything from daily simplicity to excitement on a holiday.  During an extended family vacation,  I was able to take family portraits on the beach.



It has been my privilege to photograph everything from the first moments of a new life to someone eagerly anticipating new adventures.



Thanks for taking time to read my first post.  I look forward to sharing new photos and the stories behind them as opportunities arise!

~ Rebekah

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