Birth Session: Baby William


As you may have gathered from my last post, I love the labor and delivery environment and I eagerly look forward to each and every birth.  As a privately contracted doula, my birth schedule often ebbs and flows and over the course of the last week and a half, I have attended two births as labor doula/birth photographer.  Such is the life of a doula.  I may not attend any births at all for a few months, but then they tend to come in clusters.


I helped Matt and Suzanne with the birth of their daughter a few years ago and it was such an honor to be asked to come alongside them once more to coach them through the birth of their son.  Suzanne’s first labor was quite the event.  Like many first time labors, it was long and difficult, and although they had prepared to try for a drug-free labor/birth, a variety of circumstances led to Suzanne getting an epidural.  This was a good decision for that particular birth and none of us had any regrets about that choice.

As Matt and Suzanne prepared for the birth of their second child, they decided that they wanted to try again for an all natural birth.  In my experience, both personally and as a labor doula, I have seen a single woman go through a wide range of labor experiences. Sometimes those who endured a long, drawn out ordeal for their first birth, wind up having remarkably quick and “easy” subsequent labors.  But, we never bank on that happening.


Thankfully, we were pleasantly surprised when Suzanne’s labor seemed to be progressing quickly.  I was with them in the hospital for less than two hours before their son was born. Things were moving very quickly by the time I arrived and with Matt’s coaching and nurturing care, Suzanne labored beautifully.  Before any of us had time to mentally catch up to the speed of labor, their son was born.  It was such a beautiful birth.









Thank you, Matt and Suzanne, for inviting me to be present for the birth of your sweet boy! Congratulations to you all!

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