Birth Session: Twins


Anyone who has known me for any notable period of time knows this – birth is my thing. I love it.  That’s why I’m a labor doula and birth photographer.  Having gone through two long, difficult births myself, followed by one relatively “easy” labor, it has become my passion to come alongside couples to help and encourage them during some of the most momentous occasions in their lives.


Nothing compares to witnessing two people grow closer together during the labor process as they work together welcome a new person into the world.  One of the most beautiful moments I am often privileged to witness in the labor environment is the comfort and support given by an expectant dad to the expectant mother as she goes through the physical and emotional strain of childbirth.

Sometimes all the laboring mama needs is a comforting touch or a hand to hold.  Other times, she needs emotional encouragement.  Regardless, I have seen many, many women overcome fears and realize new strengths during labor.  Simply put: it is beautiful.



Spring of 2015, I had the privilege of assisting Colin and Kelsey during the birth of their first son.  Little did we know that Summer of 2016, we’d be repeating the process – this time for twins!  It was a bit of a nerve wracking birth as Baby A decided he needed to come out a wee bit early.  In turn, it was also time for his brother to make his debut.  Because the babies were several weeks early, both boys would have a stay in the NICU at best.  We tried not to think about the “at worst” possibilities.  Thankfully, none of the scarier possibilities panned out.

I hadn’t attended a twins delivery before, and while there are many similarities to a singleton birth, there are some differences – namely that twins are born in the Operating Room.  The primary reason for this difference is that sometimes, even if all has gone well with Baby A, it isn’t unheard of for Baby B to be born via c-section.  Thankfully, a c-section wasn’t necessary for the birth of these boys.  Suffice it to say, it was a unique opportunity to be allowed into the OR for their delivery.





Baby A – weighing in at 3lbs even!


Baby B – weighing in at a hefty 5lbs, 2oz

Despite needing to be induced several weeks early, everything about this birth was truly beautiful and it was such an honor to be present.

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